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Our years of experience means we are ideally positioned to advise you on the most suitable mobility features and equipment for your minibus. Our experienced team will help you plan, design and personalise your wheelchair accessible minibus to ensure it meets the needs of your organisation and your passengers.

We will advise you on the best seating layouts to optimise and blend passenger needs with the requirements of wheelchair passengers. We can guide you regarding the choices of passenger lifts, ramps, flooring and seating. Whatever your requirements our team of specialists will work with you to ensure you have a vehicle that answers all your needs.

Below are some of the most popular options when choosing a specification of a wheelchair accessible minibus:
  • Tracked flooring – M” certified fully tested floor tracking systems allow you to position the seats and accommodate wheelchair passengers
  • Electric Side step
  • Handrails – High visibility hand rails for use at door entrances to assist with passengers guidance in the cabin
  • Underfloor or inboard passenger lifts – Choose from either option for wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair restraints – Choice of wheelchair restraints
  • Removable Seating – Combine your choice of removable seats and numerous trim and seat back options, with tracked flooring to create

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